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Title. Ida

Date. 2010

Size. aprox.50cm tall 

DetailsI created this model from scratch in 2010. I designed it inspired by fossil findings of an extinct monkey/lemur primate. Sculpted in Chavant plasteline, moulded in plaster, cast in silicone, with a foam body, and faux fur finish. 

Primate model, model maker, figurine, prop maker, props builder, museum model, Tiffany Monk
Primate model, lemur, prop, sculpture, figurine, Tiffany Monk
Hand sculpt, monkey figure, clay, sculptor, Tiffany Monk
molding, casting, moulding, maker, sculptor, props, maquettiste, montreal, canada, Tiffany Monk
Model maker, prop builder, Tiffany Monk, sculptor, montreal, canada, maquettiste
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