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Hi, I’m Tiff! I’m a miniature model maker and visual artist working from my home studio in Canada.

I studied Character Creation and Technical Effects at University which equipped me with the skills to work as a sculptor and model maker in film, TV, theatre, and, my favourite - stop motion animation. I've created props, puppets and models for a wide variety of commercial and independent studios in the UK and Canada.

I grew up in England but travelled to Canada on a 2 year working holiday visa when I was 26. I spent my first summer in BC exploring, and working on organic farms on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island before settling in Vancouver. It's there that I met and married my French Canadian wife, and eventually we decided to pack up and drive across the country to put down roots in a small mountain town not far from Montreal in Quebec.

Having moved from the city to rural Quebec, I spent a few years focussing on painting and drawing, exhibiting at local galleries and art fairs, and taking on commissions.


Recently I’ve put my model making skills back in action and I’m thoroughly enjoying designing and crafting enchanting miniature worlds, bespoke miniature furniture designs and meticulously detailed mini guitars.

My bedroom - screenshot from Jens winipeg article.jpg

Making Miniatures

In 2023 I was chosen to be a contestant on season 3 of

‘Best in Miniature’! - a CBC TV competition show that involved designing and building a dollhouse from scratch, and filling each room with handmade miniatures one episode at a time!

An amazing experience that sprung me head first into the wonderful world of miniatures, and gave me the confidence to continue on my miniature journey and share my handcrafted creations with the miniature community and beyond! 


Creating miniatures provides me with the opportunity to merge model making, design, painting, and sculpting to bring miniature works and scenes to life.


I have since opened an Etsy shop where you can purchase my unique, handmade miniatures!

Best in Miniature - Season 3 trailer

Painting & Drawing

Drawing has always been one of my favourite activities, in my teenage years I discovered a flair for painting as well, and after a break from the brushes for a few years while I worked on my model making career, I picked them up again after moving to Canada in my mid 20's, inspired by the beauty of nature and my new surroundings.

I now live in a small town which is home to two art galleries. I've exhibited my work at both, and each Autumn I participate in an outdoor art fair selling my original artwork, prints and greetings cards.  

I'm part of a group of plein air artists who meet weekly in the summertime to sketch or paint outdoors in a variety of settings within the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Some of my more graphic style digital drawings can be found on a number of different products in my RedBubble shop - Tiff-Designs

Rendez-vous tent4.jpg
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