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I'm originally from England, but in 2016 aged 26 I moved to Vancouver, Canada on a working holiday visa. There I met and married my French-Canadian wife and in summer 2019 we packed up our belongings and drove across Canada to the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec where we now live. 

For 10 years I worked as a sculptor, fabricator and painter creating props, puppets, models and backdrops for film, television, stop motion animation, and theatre.


Since moving to rural Quebec my focus has moved to painting and drawing as a way to capture something of the subjects and places that inspire me.

I strive to create work that evokes the feeling of a moment, sparking a connection with the viewer. I hope to invite people into the scenes that I create by capturing the mood of a time and space, or emotion in a subject's eyes.  

I'm part of a group of plein air artists who meet weekly in the summertime to sketch or paint outdoors in a variety of settings within the Eastern Townships of Quebec. 

Please check out the News/Events page for information about current or upcoming exhibitions and goings on.

You can follow along on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates, and glimpses into my home studio and process. 


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