I strive to create work that evokes the feeling of a moment, creating a connection with the viewer. By capturing the mood of a time and space, or emotion in a subject's eyes, I hope to invite people into the scenes that I create.  

Originally from the English countryside in the UK, I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2016. There I met and married my French-Canadian partner. In summer 2019 we packed up our belongings and drove across Canada to the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec where we now live. 

For the last 10 years I've been a self employed sculptor, fabricator and painter creating props, puppets, models and backdrops for film, television, stop motion animation, and theatre.


In recent years I've started painting again having been inspired by the beauty of my new natural surroundings in Canada. Now we're living in this artistic hub in rural Quebec and I'm excited to continue developing my artistic practice further in this new, inspiring place. 

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